HTTP Requests Checker

Showing a list of HTTP requests by entering a URL

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What this tool can

Tracking all HTTP requests sent by a URL. The related domains and the time spent to load the URL completely are displayed.
  • Total time from start to load: loadEventEnd - fetchStart
  • Time spent constructing the DOM tree: domComplete - domInteractive
  • Time consumed preparing the new page: fetchStart - navigationStart
  • Time spent during redirection: redirectEnd - redirectStart
  • AppCache time: unloadEventEnd - unloadEventStart
  • Time spent unloading documents: domainLookupStart - fetchStart
  • DNS query time: domainLookupEnd - domainLookupStart
  • TCP connection time: connectEnd - connectStart
  • Time spent during the request: responseEnd - requestStart
  • Request to completion of the DOM loading: domInteractive - responseEnd
  • Load event time: loadEventEnd - loadEventStart
  • Render Time: domComplete - domLoading

Useful for

  • Inspecting a website and speeding up the loading of it by minimizing the HTTP requests.

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