IPv4/IPv6 CIDR Calculator

Calculate the range of IP address based on IPv4, IPv6 CIDR address

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What this tool can

Calculate IP address range based on IPv4/ IPv6 CIDR address.
The first and last IP address in the subnet mask range, the number of IP addresses in CIDR notation, subnet mask/ wildcard mask (IPv4 CIDR), Ipv6 abbreviated/ unabbreviated address (Ipv6 CIDR) are displayed.

What is CIDR?

CIDR, short for Classless Inter Domain Routing, is a mechanism for flexible IP address allocation. In the conventional IP address allocation method, the block size to be allocated was classified according to the scale of the organization (class ABC), but in the organization operating a large class address, there was a problem that a large number of addresses remained. To solve this problem, CIDR uses a subnet mask to change the block size flexibly.
CIDR IP address has “/ (slash)” and the number of bits of the subnet mask at the end of the sentence.

Useful for

  • When a network engineer adds the new network device, using it for deciding how to divide the network between an old network device and a new one.
  • When a network engineer sets up the new network, calculating the range to set up a router on the network.

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