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Convert a list of domain names into a list of IPv4 addresses.

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What this tool can

Converting a list of domain names into a list of IPv4 addresses.

What is Domain Name?

Domain Name is the name corresponded to the IP address of the computer, that represents the location of the computer on the internet.
It is identified by Domain Name System (DNS).

What is Domain Name System and its role?

The Domain Name System consists of a series of databases containing domain names and IP addresses (in specific numbers) corresponding to those. The Domain Name System on the Internet converts domain names to IP addresses and vice-versa.

What is an IP address?

An Internet Protocol Address (IP Address) is the number 32-bit (IPv4) or 128-bit (IPv6), that identifies a network device on a network and helps them identify and communicate with each other. In a network model, each IP address is unique to only one network device. Therefore IP Address also has the purpose of data navigation. It is used by source and destination servers to transfer data within the computer network. Please imagine IP address as your home address, or the address of a building for others to identify.

Useful for

  • Checking the IP address of your website.
  • Checking whether two different domains are hosted on the same IP address or not.

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