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Convert strings into Punycode and vice-versa

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Punycode Converter | RAKKOTOOLS By adding this to your bookmark bar with drag-and-drop and simply clicking it, you can convert the URL of the browse in use into Punycode.

What this tool can

Converting non-alphanumeric characters (full-width characters) into Punycode and vice-versa.
Multiple conversions are possible with line breaks.
Using a bookmarklet, you can convert the URL of other websites you are browsing, simply with a click.

IDN compatible TLD list

What is Punycode?

Punycode refers to an algorithmic technique for string conversion used for Internationalized Domain Name (IDN).
Since available characters used in existing DNS are limited, Punycode is used for compatibility.
Domain names converted into Punycode are prefixed with 'xn--'.
(e.g.) before conversion: ���b�R.tools -> after conversion (Punycode): xn--tck5a9g.tools
Although the texts are different before and after conversion, they are the same URL.

What is an Internationalized Domain Name (IDN)?

IDN refers to a domain name that is expressed with various non-alphanumeric characters used in traditional domain names.
User-friendly multilingual character strings are not used for communication with DNS, but a certain rule (Punycode) is applied. As a result, the operation is performed without changing the mechanism of DNS.

What is DNS (Domain Name System) ?

DNS refers to a system that manages and operates domains over the Internet.
It associates a domain with an IP address for management.

Useful for

  • Checking Punycode notation when registering an IDN (Internationalized Domain Name).
  • Checking how acquired IDN is written in Punycode.
  • Undoing automatic conversion of URL in IDN, when copied and pasted.
  • Converting URL to enter from IDN to Punycode, for older browser incompatible with IDN.

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