HTML Entities Encode/Decode

Convert HTML entities to their associated character and vice-versa

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What this tool can

HTML Entities Encode/Decode tool to encode HTML entities or decode HTML encoded entities.

What is HTML Entities?

HTML Entity is a string of characters that begins with a ampersand '&' and ends with a semicolon ';'.
These entities are often used to display special characters that have been designated as HTML codes (e.g., <,>, ...) and also those that cannot be entered from the keyboard (e.g ©).

There are two ways to use:

  • &; - Quite easy to remember, but there are some entities that can't be used by name, only can be used by entity_number.
  • &#; - Harder to remember than entity_name, but it can cover all cases.

Useful for

  • Encode HTML Entities to display special characters on your web page.
  • Restore original data that has been encrypted with HTML Entities

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