JSON Encode/Decode

Encode array to JSON string, decode JSON string to array

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What this tool can

Enter an array in the left input area and click the encode button to encode it into a JSON string.
Enter the JSON string in the right input area and click the decode button to decode it into an array.

What is JSON?

Abbreviation for JavaScript Object Notation, a text-based data format similar to XML.
It can now be read in most programming languages ​​and can easily be saved to a file or record in a database.
It is widely used because the format is simple, queries are simpler, easier to use and more readable than XML.

Several features of JSON

  • Each data information consists of key and value
  • Enclosed in brackets {}
  • Keys and values ​​must be enclosed in double quotes. If they are enclosed in single quotes, they are not JSON strings.
  • Describe multiple data by separating them with commas.
  • Keys and values can be written as strings, numbers, logical values ​​(true/ false), blanks (null), arrays, objects.
  • JSON files can be saved with any extension, but usually saved with .json or .js extension.

Useful for

  • Converting JSON string to an array (human-readable) and check the data structure.
  • Trying encoding and verify JSON string structure is correct.
  • Trying decoding to make sure the structure of the array is correct.

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