Base64 Encode/Decode

Convert data to Base64 string, convert Base64 string to data

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What this tool can

Enter a character string in the input area on the left and click the encode button to encode the character string into data expressed in Base64 format.
Enter a character string in Base64 format in the input area on the right and click the decode button to decode the character string before encoding.

What is Base64?

An encoding method for handling data in an environment that uses only 64 types of alphanumeric characters and cannot handle other characters.

What is the need for Base64 encoding?

By replacing binary data such as images with character strings and embedding them in HTML, it is possible to prevent misinterpretation on the receiving side, communicate securely, and reduce the number of HTTP requests.

Useful for

  • Creating test data and confirming processing results when developers or testers test programs that use base64 encoding.

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