Extract Title and Metadata from URLs

Extract Page Title, Description , Robots and Canonical url from URLs

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What this tool can

The URL to TITLE tool allow extract below information from url list:
  • Title and meta description
    The title is an important place to use your keyphrases as search engines see it as a summary of your webpage. The title and description are important as they are shown on the search engine result pages. They are the first contact of (potential) visitors with your website.
  • Meta Robots
    The purpose of this tag is to instruct web crawlers (e.g. Google) on which areas you want them not to index. The reason is that the crawlers might incur performance cost for your server if they index everything.
  • Canonical url
    The purpose of Canonical URL is to prevent duplicate content in a website. It signals the crawlers of where the original, better-quality content is.

Useful for

  • Help you analysis meta data of page for optimizing SEO

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