HREF Links Extractor

Extract external links and internal links

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What this tool can

Extracting external links and internal links from web pages, classifying them by extension and displaying them.

Rel: The rel-attribute described in A tag, LINK tag, etc. Use to specify the relationship between the link source document and the linked document.
  • alternate: Alternative document
  • canonical: Tells the search engine to index as a regular page.
  • nofollow: Does not associate the link destination with the link source.
  • noreferrer: Does not pass the link source information to the link destination.
  • noopener: Prevents obtaining the link source window to prevent phishing scams, etc.

Target: The target-attribute described in the A tag, etc. Use to specify the location to open the linked document.
  • _blank: Opens a page in a new window or tab.
  • _self: Opens a page on the same tab as the link source.
  • _parent: Opens a page in the parent window of the link source.

Useful for

  • checking that the link is working properly and that the link settings are correct
  • generating the sitemap
  • checking the settings related security for external links ('noopener', 'noreferrer', etc.)

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