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Number of characters
(without spaces before and after sentences)



Number of characters (without spaces)0

Number of words0

Number of lines (without blank lines)0

Number of lines0

Number of paragraphs0

UTF-8 byte size0

Shift_JIS byte size0

JIS byte size0

EUC_JP byte size0

What this tool can

Character Counter counts both one double-byte and single-byte character as one character.
This tool displays various count results such as the number of word characters (with/ without spaces before and after sentences), bytes when converted to other character codes, lines (with/ without blank lines) and paragraphs.
Also, the number of characters without HTML codes, punctuation marks, any specified character(s) and the number of characters when HTML entities are counted as one character can be shown.

'Blank' refers to single-byte spaces, tabs, and page breaks here.

What is HTML entity?

An alternative code for reserved characters that are normally interpreted as HTML codes, or for displaying the invisible characters like spaces.

Useful for

  • Counting your writing/ web contents with a character limit.
  • Creating and counting advertising copies with a character limit.
  • Creating and counting the title (up to 60 characters) and description (up to 160 characters) for web pages.

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