DIFF Checker (Compare Differences Between Two Texts)

Compare and display the differences between two text files

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What this tool can

Checking the differences between 2 text files per character/ line.
Differences are displayed as below:
・different characters are highlighted in green
・the line number with different characters are highlighted in red
・new lines/ texts are highlighted in gray

What is a DIFF?

Diff is a command used in a UNIX-like OS, to compare 2 files and output the differences between them. Besides diff command, the whole programm to compare files/ data is sometimes called diff.

Useful for

  • Checking the texts such as a blog after changes and compare it to the original one.
  • Checking the changes when editing a template and compare it to the original source code.
  • Comparing the differences between the source code which is already released or backed up, and the one in editing.

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