Unicode Character Finder

Searching the Unicode character online

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What this tool can

This tool helps you identify the encoding in Unicode used and search for charsets.
You just need to enter the character you want to check, and the tool will tell you which character belongs to which encoding, the UTF-8 and UTF-16 encoding values, and the HTML form (HTML entity) of that character.
  • Code point identifies the characters that are unique in Unicode.
  • Description describes the character that comes from the Unicode character database. If the character has an alternate description, this will also be displayed.
  • HTML entity is how you can use to represent characters in the source of an HTML page.
  • UTF-8 numbers are hex-encoded bytes of the code point shown in UTF-8.
  • The UTF-16 numbers are short integers (2 bytes) hex encoded by the encoding expressed in UTF-16.
  • Character block is a descriptive name for the group of characters that this belongs to, it is a link that leads to a PDF file on the Unicode website that describes all the characters in the block.
You can search for character descriptions by typing in the search box.

Useful for

Users who want to quickly identify the Unicode encoding they want to use, or want to send a description of certain characters to their friends, this will be a useful tool.

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