Video to GIF Converter

Convert your Video files to GIF image

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What this tool can

Convert your video (mp4, ogv, mov, webm, m4v) to animated GIF (Graphics Interchange Format).

How to use?
  1. Select a video file (mp4, ogv, mov, webm, m4v)
  2. Change settings :
    Input the starting time and ending time of the video you want to use.
    Change speed (time between two frames).
    Settings width and height of the gif.
  3. Click 'Convert' button.
  4. The animated GIF will be display. Click 'Download' button to download it.

Useful for

When you want to convert a video that you like or impressive into images GIFs to convey your emotions, funny stories. And you can share it with people, forums, social networks.

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