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What this tool can

Checking whether the website is communicating with HTTP / 2.

What is HTTP / 2?

The second official version of the HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol, built on a series of advanced technologies to make web access faster.
This new technology replaces the HTTP / 1.1 standard that was previously widely used in the World Wide Web system.
As websites become more and more scalable with a combination of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, images, gifs, videos, and flash, HTTP / 1.1 reveals some significant drawbacks in data transmission, query configuration, and query resolution, and the website performance was adversely affected.
Therefore, HTTP / 2 was created to reduce latency, increase efficiency, and improve website performance.

Features of HTTP / 2

  • HTTP / 2 is a binary data transfer protocol.
    Unlike HTTP / 1.1, which uses “text data”, which degrades performance when applied in a network environment, HTTP / 2 uses “binary data” to perform tasks more efficiently and save time.
  • HTTP / 2 compresses HTTP headers.
  • Unlike HTTP / 1.1, which can process only one request / response pair at a time, HTTP / 2 is asynchronous, so it can process sending and receiving at high speed.
  • HTTP / 2 has a new feature called server push.
    For example, if a script tag is described at the bottom of the web page, in HTTP / 1.1, the browser loads and analyzes HTML sequentially from the top, and if it detects a script tag, it loads a JavaScript file. On the other hand, HTTP / 2 pushes a JavaScript file to the browser before it is requested, so it can display a web page at high speed.

Useful for

  • After setting HTTP/2, checking if it is activated.

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