Hash Generator

Generate MD5/ SHA1/ SHA256 hashes altogether from a string

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What this tool can

Generating hash with each algorithm from any string.
Calculating hash on browser. Entered data won't be sent to a server or kept somewhere.
  • When 'generate at once' is selected, generating hashes altogether with each algorithm.
  • Generating hashes of multiple text strings at once, by selecting the algorithm and '1 hash generation per line'.
  • Generating more secured hash than Salt by using HMAC.

Useful for

  • Making sure that the data is not tampered or the content is not missing when texts are to be destributed or sent, by hashing and sending it with original data.
  • Confirming both message and hash are not tampered by using HMAC.
  • Using Customer Match on Google Adwords, to hash customers' email-addresses.

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