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What this tool can

This tools create a certificate signing request, private key, and self-signed SSL certificate. The signing request can be submitted to a certificate authority (CA) to generate a trusted certificate for the private key, or use the key and certificate on a server that doesn't need to have a trusted certificate signed by a CA.

What creates a Certificate ?

  • Country Name : The two-letter code for the country where your organization is located.
  • State or Province Name : The state/region where your organization is located. This shouldn't be abbreviated.
  • Locality Name : The city where your organization is located. This shouldn’t be abbreviated.
  • Organization Name : The legal name of your organization. Do not abbreviate and include any suffixes, such as Inc., Corp., or LLC.
  • Organizational Unit Name : The division of your organization handling the certificate.
  • Common Name : The fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of your server.
  • Email Address : An email address used to contact your organization.
  • Certificate Key Type: RSA or ECC
  • Key Size: Size of key
  • Signature Algorithm: signature type
  • Validity Period: Time effective

Useful for

When you want to set up HTTPS on your local web server, but a CA-signed certificate isn't required.

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