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What this tool can

Create a tick counter to share. You can customize the ticker according to the functions below:
  • Change the value to show : You can enter mathematical expressions using the count variable and the addition, subtraction, multiplication, division of two operands or division with remainder (+, -, *, /,%). The value of the count variable starts at 0 and increments by 1 time unit which is set up at 'Count per' and 'Count starting date & time'.
  • Select the delay between steps: days, hours, minutes, seconds
  • Select the datetime of start of the Ticker
  • Select the timezone
  • Name the Ticker
  • Set the displayed unit name
  • Select the thousand and decimal separator with the character you like
  • Change the styles including width, border width, background color, text color and border color
  • Useful for

    Create digital data that represents the change in the number of an object over a specific period of time, using in a presentation or in an article, to create an urgent sense of the topic and promote the action of the listener and the viewer.
    Such as :
    • Every 6 seconds, someone in the world dies of cigarettes-related diseases.
    • Every 40 seconds, 1 person die due to suicide.
    • Every minute, 100 acres of rainforests are cut down.

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