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Check syntax or format errors in your HTML

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What this tool can

Check the syntax and grammar in the HTML source code, and displays errors and warnings with the number of lines.

Useful Functions

  • Click the link which is indicating the row and column where the error occurred, then jump to the corresponding source code.
  • If you check 'Show image', you can filter the displayed image with the following three options.
    ・ Show images without alt attribute
    ・ Show image with alt attribute blank
    ・ Show images with alt attribute
  • Click 'Group' to group similar errors into one group.

Useful for

  • Developers to review HTML source code quickly.
  • Checking if the images in the HTML content are displayed, the alt attributes are not missing, or the alt content or the image name match the image content so that you can fix them for optimizing the search engines.

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