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What this tool can

The JavaScript/Css Minifier is a tool to minify Javascript, Css by removing unnecessary characters like: white space, new line, comment...
It also removes duplicate code and optimizes the rest. The transformation makes sure not to change the original functionality.

What is Css?

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a language to describe the presentation of a mark-up document.
The mark-up language can be HTML, XML, SVG and XUL.

What is Javascript?

JavaScript is the standard programming language in the browsers. It supports both functional and object-oriented coding paradigms.

Why do we need minify Css and Javascript'?

  • To save hosting disk space
  • To reduce bandwidth and load time when the file is downloaded
  • To have more security: when files are minified, it is harder for third-party to reverse engineer the code and use it for unintended purpose.

Useful for

In a big sytem, you want to reduce file size to save bandwidth and reduce web page load time. The JavaScript/Css Minifier tool will be very useful for this purpose.

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