Add Page Numbers to PDF

Add page numbers to a PDF file

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What this tool can

Adding page numbers to a PDF file.

  • Page mode:
    • Single page: add page number in the same position of all pages
    • Facing page: add page number on the inverted position as the page before
  • Starting number: Number to add on the first page.
  • Page range: Range of page to add page numbers.
  • Display format: Only numbers, Page {n} (n=page number), Page {n} / {p} (n=page number, p=total page number).
  • Position: Position of the text.
  • Margin size: the margin size from the edge of the page to the page number.
  • Font: font family, font style, size and color.

Useful for

  • Adding page numbers to show the order of contents.

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