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Convert image from Png to Jpg format and vice versa

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What this tool can

This tool can convert image from .png to .jpg and inverse. It can convert multiple images at once without limitation on number of images.

What is JPG?

JPG or JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group. It is a standard image file format for professional photographers who like to share their photographs on the Internet.
JPG is preferred because it can compress redundant detail and data of high-quality images. Therefore, quality of JPG image is not much reduced even when the size is smaller. However, the image is unable to restore into original situation. If you upload images to the internet frequently, save it in JPG form but not that you can do it only once. Remember to limit your saving and editing times.

What is PNG?

PNG stands for Portable Network Graphics. At first, it is created to replace GIF form. It uses a new compressed algorithm that maintains original data. Its quality is not reduced even when it is saved several times. Another advantage is that it supports transparent color allowing you to save icons, logos or letters with transparent background and put them anywhere without white border exposal. However, PNG image size is quite big.

How to use ?
  1. Select convert type
    Convert inverse: convert from .png to .jpg and inverse
    PNG to JPG: convert PNG image to JPG image
    JPG to PNG: convert JPG image to PNG image
  2. Select one or more images
    This tool can upload and convert images automatically to selected format
  3. Click the image to download it or click download all to download all of the converted images in ZIP file format

Useful for

  • Photographers who want to convert to jpg format in order to use in professional graphics (jpg is a standard form used in Graphics)
  • People who want to convert png to jpg to reduce image size without losing quality
  • People who want to convert jpg image to jpg to store (quality of png image is maintained even when the image is save several times)

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