ASCII Art Generator (Text and Image)

Generate ASCII Art from text and image

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Formatting Output

What this tool can

This tool can genarate your text or image to an Ascii art.

    Text :
  • Type your text, chose the font and see the result immediately.
  • We have almost 500 fonts for you to customize, each font has it own style and beauty, and it's diffirent to eachother.
  • You can hit the button 'Test All Font' and see all of them, chose the one you like easily by hitting the button 'Use Font' and it will update right away.
  • When you chose the one you like, the button copy or download is up to you to use.

    Beside, you can also format your text with the following options:
  • Bash style comment: Put your text in # #
  • C style comment: Put your text in * *
  • C++ style comment: Start with //
  • Echo style comment: Put your text in echo ' ';
  • Lua style comment: Put your text in --[[ ]]--
  • MySQL style comment: Start with --
  • Visual Basic style comment: Put your text in ' '

    Images :
  • Select your image file (png, jpg, webp, jfif, bmp, jpeg, svgz, gif) and our tool will convert it to an Ascii art.
  • You can resize it and increase the Resolution. The more it is, the more beautifull and accurate image you will receive.
  • It also has the format options like text if you'd like to use.

Useful for

  • When you want to convert text or image to ASCII art and send it with your email or messages, to highlight the content attract the attention of the recipient.
  • When you want to decorate your website by chosing an image, convert it to ASCII Art and put it in the header of your website.

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