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Generate XML schema definition (XSD) from XML

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What this tool can

This tool helps create XSD (XML Schema Definition) from an XML string or file.

What is XSD?

XSD (XML Schema Definition) is an XML standard designed by W3C in 2001 to replace the previous DTD (Document Type Definition). It is an XML document to describe the structure and data types in another XML document.

How to use?

  1. Input XML string or select XML file
  2. Select XML schema design type
    Russian Doll - Contains only one global element. All other elements are local.
    Salami Slice - Contains all global elements, hence many potential root elements.
    Venetian Blind - Is an extension of Russian Doll and contains only one global element. All other elements are local.
  3. Select the manner for detecting content types (leaf text)
  4. smart (default) - Use a likely type, such as xs:byte for a value of '123'.
    string - Use xs:string as the type.
  5. Click button Generate XSD

Useful for

Programmers to create XML Schema Definition (XSD) and use it for checking the accuracy of the XML file's content received from the client (such as mandatory data, data type, length, range) before processing.

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