Add header or footer to PDF

Add header and footer to PDF file

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※Maximum file size is 2M

What this tool can

This tool can add header and footer to your PDF file with a wide selection of marker position and fonts.
This tool gives the following options:
  • Position: Position of text to display on header and footer.
  • Font family, font size, font color, font style: Font and style of text to mark.

How to use ?
  1. Select your PDF file.
  2. Enter the header and footer text you want.
  3. Select options, such as the text position will appear on header and footer, and format the font, size of text.
  4. Click the button 'Apply changes' to get a new edited PDF file.

    Useful for

    When you want to mark the name of the subject, publisher or add the date of publication on the the book, article, report, etc ... to add information or mark the copyright.

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