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Add page number to PDF pages

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What this tool can

This tool can add page numbers to your PDF file with a wide selection of marker position and fonts.
This tool gives the following options:
  • Page mode(working when mark in left and right position): Single page (mark in the same position for all pages) or Facing page (mark in inverse position in next page as a book).
  • Start number: Start number to mark on the first marking page.
  • Page range: Range of page to marking.
  • Markup type: Number only (only add page numbers), Page {n} (add page number with 'Page'), Page {n} of {p} (add page numbers and total page numbers).
  • Position: Position of text to mark.
  • Margin size: Distance from the margin to the marker position.
  • Font family, font size, font color, font style: Font and style of text to mark.

How to use ?
  1. Select your PDF file.
  2. Select options, such as the page ranges on which the page numbers will appear, and format the font, size and position of numbers.
  3. Click the button 'Add page numbers' to get a new numbered PDF file.

Useful for

When you want to add page numbers in your PDf file to manage file, remember pages you are in using or print the file like a book easily.

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