List Sorter

Sort a list in alphabetical order, length order, reverse and random

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What this tool can

This tool can arrange your data list quickly and conveniently in a particular order.
  • Sort Alphabetical: Sort your list in alphabeltical order.
    E.g: Descending,Random,Ascending => Ascending,Descending,Random
  • Sort By Length: Sort your list by descending length.
    E.g: Descending,Random,Ascending => Descending,Ascending,Random
  • Reverse List: Reverse your list.
    E.g: Descending,Random,Ascending => Ascending,Random,Descending
  • Sort Random: Sort your list randomly.
    E.g: Descending,Random,Ascending => Random,Ascending,Descending

You need to tell us how your data is formatted, so we can sort it properly.
You can also change the way your data is formatted, all by theses following options: Comma, New Line, Blank Line, Space, Tab, Custom Characters (Custom your data by your own).

Useful for

When you want to rearrange your collected data to manage or use easily and conveniently. For example: sort customer lists, students in class, etc.

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