Traceroute Checker

Traceroute Checker checks how packets reach a destination host from a server.

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What this tool can

  • Check which workstations on the local network or the Internet that data packets are transferred through, how much time it takes to transfer these packets, whether there is any workstation not responding to the packets you have sent, or simply diagnose the connection lines.
  • The Traceroute Checker will show you each hop sequentially, and total hops required. For each hop, it will display the hop #, roundtrip times, best time (ms), IP address, TTL.

Useful for

  • Checking where the errors occur when you cannot access to web sites.
  • Checking the path of the route from a web site to a server.
  • Checking how systems are connected and showing how your ISP connects to the Internet as well as to the target system.

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